as debugger from return instanceof
async default function set let
await delete interface static new
break do void super package
case else while switch target
catch implements with private this
class export yield get throw
enum extends public if try
const finally null import typeof
continue for of in protected
Math.pow(2,53) > 9007199254740992: 2 to the power 53
Math.round(.6) > 1.0: round to the nearest integer
Math.ceil(.6) > 1.0: round up to an integer
Math.floor(.6) > 0.0: round down to an integer
Math.abs(-5) > 5: absolute value
Math.max(x,y,z) Return the largest argument
Math.min(x,y,z) Return the smallest argument
Math.random() Pseudo-random number x where 0 <= x < 1.0
Math.PI π: circumference of a circle diameter
Math.E e: The base of the natural logarithm
Math.sqrt(3) > 3**0.5: the square root of 3
Math.pow(3, 1/3) > 3**(1/3): the cube root of 3

x typeof x
undefined undefined
null object
true or false boolean
any number or NaN number
any BigInt bigint
any string string
any symbol symbol
any function function
any nonfunction object object